mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Guys, it's 12C out there and dark. Why are you sitting gabbing on your front porch?

Way back in March I bought some ground turkey on sale because I had a recipe for turkey meatloaf. In this brief spell of April weather- highs in the teens- I decided meatloaf would be just great. The recipe calls for five pounds of turkey, so I figured I'd halve it and use a small baking tin. But when I looked at the package it was 454 grams ie one pound. Bummer. But because in yesterday's April weather I'd boiled up a bunch of potatoes, I made turkey hash instead. It requires a lot of onions and seasoning and mustard and soya and Worcestershire to have any flavour at all, and I'd forgotten that turkey is an iffy meat for me at the best of times. But anyway, that's dinner for today and tomorrow settled.

Also, I have three pens in my bedroom. Today all three ran out of ink simultaneously, and I have no more decent pens in the house.
Tags: food, rl_20

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