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Long geographical disquisition

Rather more exercise than I wanted on a Bad Knee Day that saw me using a tensor wrap to keep things in place. In the afternoon when meds and stretches gave me the ability to walk again, I did a supermarket shop. The super is a mere two blocks away but not if you follow the street signs and stay off sidewalks. And after shopping for thirty minutes with everything stiffening up I didn't want to walk the bike the two half blocks needed to get to a road going in the right direction. (East, FWIW)

So great, let's bike west to Shaw, south* down to Barton, over back to the traffic maze in my end of the woods, and home by familiar streets. But no. Shaw is being repaved, and is now all corrugated streets I wouldn't bike on even if I wasn't riding an overloaded beast. At a loss I tried walking down to Barton which I hoped would still be flat, but that's actually up a rise and then down, and after two blocks my legs were having no more of that. So take the first street leading away to Ossington- still going against traffic, meaning having to get off and walk when cars hove in sight. Then up Ossington in the face of a stiff north wind and on to Dupont. Which is fine until halfway to the Christie intersection, where a truck is parked in my lane with cones all round it blocking the lane off and after that hoses and open manholes where they're doing something with the sewer system. More walking. And finally, finally, across Christie and into home territory. Thank god I needn't do this again for another two or three weeks. Though if I did smaller shops, I *could* in fact ride on the sidewalk home for that pesky half block.

* To native Torontonians, 'up' and 'down' always refer to north and south because we're built on a hill, or rather, several hills. You go 'along' east-west streets. There are very few native Torontonians- everyone comes from somewhere else, and I have no idea where the rest of us go- so people will talk about 'going up Bloor' which makes no geographical sense until you get very far west indeed.
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