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The never ending mystery of why, when I get up to pee at 7 or 8 a.m, I'm relatively limber but if I go back to sleep and wake two hours later I'm totally crippled with stabbity unclicking knee cap. (Knees must click or else I can't put weight on them.) The solution, which is not to go back to sleep, is unacceptable. Sleep and dreams and lying in bed are my only guaranteed pleasures of these days.

Bladder aside, I woke up because something was screeching in the window. Turned out to be one of the two blades of my window fan not turning. Gave it a thump and went back to bed. As I was surfacing, heard chirping noises at the window, rather too continuously for the birds it actually sounded like. Was my fan blades not turning at all. RIP, window fan; I think you were over ten years old. I have other fans, two or three because I never throw anything out, but none as forceful as that one, which they don't make anymore. But as we're in what Canada calls a heat wave (30C) tonight will be the window AC. And in fact the window fan doesn't work that well in anything much over a 12C low: blows stinky not-cool-enough air in, and worse, blows on me. The dilemma: if the air doesn't move over me I feel hot, if it does I feel cold.

Weight remains stubbornly at one pound under May's plateau. Drinking 1.5 litres a day fails to unbloat me. I suppose I need to move more. I can't account otherwise for the 'five pounds under this' I hit eighteen months ago: which did not survive the return of bicycling weather and my local coffee shop. Where I went today for my once a week latte and of course baked goodie. This is not how it's done.

But this afternoon I hacked down another garden bag of creepers and lemon balm from the bottom of the garden, so I hope that helps.

Also, a little late in the day, found the large scale map of Middle Earth that I took from the mouldy hardback copy of umm Lost Tales, I think?, so many years ago. Would have helped immensely in reading The Two Towers, but at least it can help me with Return of the King.
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