mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Bad knee day so nothing accomplished. Actually, bad joint day all round. Sunny, dry, cool, so no rhyme nor reason to it.

Tolkien is big on landscape but plain-dwelling city child me can never make sense of his topography. For one thing, it's all mountains: you'd think the man had spent his entire life in the Pennines. I suppose one thing the films were good for was to give us flatlanders an idea of what mountains can do. But all that mountains say to acrophobic me is Down, horrible horrible Down, and I have no idea how you can get Up them on two legs. Much less the rifts and gullies and narrow valleys that his hobbits are always crossing, heaven knows how. He seems to think you can walk down one side of them and up the other, which doesn't sort with my notions of 'steep'.
Tags: health, place

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