mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Not much to report

Called the hospital who called back very promptly as these things go. St Mike's is still not cleared for elective surgeries but they'll call me when dates open up. A relief to know I'm still in their system but I don't expect to be hearing from them before the end of summer, in time for the next wave. Am a little heartened by the news that most people with the virus don't pass it on, but the statistics say there sure are a number of super spreaders out there, Typhoid Marying away.

All the usual muscles in glutes and quads have locked up all of a sudden, making walking painful and even riding a bike antsy. Shopped at Loblaws yesterday after only a few minutes wait and it was not pleasant. But at least they had crumpets again, so I bought two packs and froze one.

Succeeded in turning the mattress, my accomplishment for the day. But more bits have crumbled off the front step and I must somehow get someone to fix it, who won't charge me two grand to anchor one step.

The Cough is back, late but present. Tickle tickle, hack hack, ah-CHOO. How I wish this had not been.
Tags: health, rl_20

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