mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Taking advantage of the fookin freezing temperatures, which will not last past tomorrow but which make me want to turn the furnace on now, I'm making chicken soup stock, or chicken soup, whichever. Did this two months ago just in case I got The Virus and couldn't cook anymore, though anecdotal evidence is that if you get the virus you can't get even out of bed. Also did Fiesta shop last week and bought a few packages of instant ramen, because Thursday I wanted instant ramen but couldn't find the package that I *knew* was in the cupboard. Then had it for dinner Friday. Not as good as I remembeted it, boo hiss. But it strikes me as a good Virus food.

I was pleased that my back, knees, and elbows were so well-behaved during the shop, but of course when I had to walk my overloaded bicycle home it was ow ow ow all the way. Mostly back cramping up, but the knees were in there too.

So I'm pleased and surprised that today I was able to go out and cut down great swathes of greenery in the back yard- one full garden bag full, which is now too heavy for me to drag to the front. Because I haven't been able to garden in at least two years: lower back simply couldn't be having with it, and elbows as well. We shall see what state the latter are in tomorrow, but I'm hoping the former is finally registering all the core strengthening I've been doing for the last year, guys. Or maybe it was the prophylactic 2 muscle relaxants and 2000 mg of acetominophen that I took beforehand. Anyway, I followed up with half an hour of stretching and tennis ball shiatsu, and, well, we shall see what we shall.
Tags: food, health, rl_20

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