mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Frost warning out in central Ontario. May does this occasionally, even now.

Quiet day. Finally got LJ to recognize my IPS and yet another new password. My bete noire is webpages who don't let you see your password as you type it inand then say incorrect password. Lesson learned. Type in Memo, the c&p. Alas, owing to the vagaries of my hypermouse's reflex double click, this doesn't work so well on the desktop.

Broke down and bought an online course in chair pilates. Did first session today. Suspicion confirmed that however many reps I do of my regular exercises is never enough. Trust I shall keep on with this and not fall into the reflex donwannas.

Gave in and started Fellowship of the Ring. Guaranteed enough material, haven't read it in nearly 20 years (over forty for Return of the King), wonder how much I've forgotten.
Tags: rl_20, techy
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