mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Don't tread on me

Must share the smug. Ten days ago my left knee went on strike, as it were. Refused to bear pull my its weight. I spent the weekend going up and down stairs One. Step. At. A. Time. My doctor said arthritis or a stray piece of cartilage poking, while I say it's my stupid screwed-up archless weak-ankled hyper-flexible flat feet pulling everything out of alignment. Whatever. Logic suggested that since I could stand on the thing, just, if I leaned on the bannister and put less weight on it, having less weight to put on it generally must also help.

I am now ten pounds lighter than I was ten days ago, and I'm not actually starving to death. Any more, at least. Go me.

(This rate won't continue, naturally, but I think the process may for a while before the inevitable plateau. I did it last February post-operation when I couldn't eat very much, and now I'm running after rug-rats seven hours a day on top of it. They say it helps asthma too, so here's hoping.)

Oh, and the usual packages go out tomorrow. And arrive in January if past experience proves reliable.
Tags: rl_04

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