mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The announcement that acupuncturists and massage therapists will be allowed to reopen soon lifted me out of yesterday's funk, though I still think it's too early and I'm not sure I'd risk it. Funk was caused by a very Bad Knee Day and BKD was caused by hot weather bloating me up as hot weather will. But yeah, when my knee gets spongy it's impossible to stand on. Cool weather is supposed to blow in- it's already cooler than it was, though muggy from the rain- and that might help, especially if it's dry.

Have so far managed to keep side room windows closed and a good thing too, because south neighbour's renovators did the roof over the weekend and into Monday, scattering fine dust and whatever all over my porch roof, wheelie bins, and bike. No idea why it took them three days but it did.

When LJ demanded I change my password and cross-posting failed, I changed my DW password to match. That was maybe a month ago. So now DW in its own turn comes in with 'change your password or we'll change it for you' which annoys me. Blanket solutions are no solution, you guys.

Am still in a funk about Changes to my settled way of life, and apprehension about what might move in to the other half of my house, now that I'm housebound. Must try to find a mental trick that would make me welcome the presence of noise-making strangers. I've been fortunate for the last 30 years to have family there, and I wish I still did.
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