mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I was alright for a while, I could smile for a while

All I want to do in this premature July is play mindless Addiction Solitaire but they've changed the algorithm somehow so one can no longer play mindlessly and win half the time. Now you have to plan several moves ahead or else you find all your cards blocked. And my acrostics are tetchy as well, so I have no mindless pastimes, and I miss them.

Because it's hot I said hang the expense and ran the window AC last night. Only it stopped after fifteen minutes. Turned it back on, fell asleep, woke in the wee hours and it was off again. Turned it back on and fretted for a space about What's wrong with my AC? and Oh how will I get a new one and even if I get a new one how will I get it installed when I can barely walk even? However it's been chugging along nicely all afternoon, so I hope it was just a couple if the blip blackouts this area is prone to. Things usually restart themselves when that happens- fans, air purifiers- but computers and ACs need buttons pushed.

I surprised me at how serene I was during quarantine the first two months. A couple of store interactions a week was quite sufficient, and I read and cooked and did my exercises and some mild housework and that filled the day. Comes the hot weather and suddenly I'm lonely and weepy and want my bro and s-il back next door so I can visit them, and the daycare back so I can be distracted with babies. I guess this is what extroverts have been suffering from for ten weeks, and I belatedly feel their pain.

But since I'm now Hot Weather Me, I've shelved the serious reading for a space and started Carpe Jugulum, which is Granny Weatherwax and very bracing.
Tags: pratchett, rl_20

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