mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Today we have swapping of socks

Out with the old thick black ones, in with the cotton ankle socks. Summer is here, no more long sleeve shirts. Today is back to tank top and hapi coat and lacy summer cap, and haul the thin summer pants from the front room chest of drawers. Also try to store like clothes with like so I don't keep finding stashes of warm socks in three different places next November.

My toaster has been losing wattage. I need to do my bread twice to get it brown, and then, often as not, it burns in the middle. Toaster had other tics, like not being able to stop the process any way but pulling the plug, but they didn't bother me because I rarely used it in the past, when there was no need to stretch the use time of a loaf. I figured as soon as the hardware stores reopened, I'd get me a new one. Technically I believe hardware stores were listed under essential businesses even in March, but my local was adamantly closed. However, businesses are reopening gingerly, wp said they'd be open today, so off I trotted.

Masks a necessity, sanitizer at the entrance, and you are parked on a single spot at the very front while the clerk gets you what you want. And a good thing too, because Wiener's normally is a neighbourhood meeting spot and browsing heaven, thronged with Annex yuppies or mippies or oldsters. They bring you a choice of what you ask for and if you don't care for it, too bad.

Now, a drawback to doing food orders is that one can't inspect the boxes beforehand. I've been eating a lot of fish sticks or breaded fish since March, careful to select those that can be heated in a frying pan or, rarest of the rare, in the microwave. But the two large boxes of fillets I got last week are oven or toaster oven only, and oven is not an option this season. That it *was* an option last Tuesday just goes to show how unseasonable May has been. So I figured, two birds with one stone, get a toaster ovrn instead. Which did.

Note that I'm not a fan of toaster ovens. I had an amazing one in Japan, but the ones I've had here were sloooooow. This doesn't matter fo the fish which take forever anyway, but I hope I don't have to sit around for five minutes while my bread toasts. If it does... well, I may have to go back to throwing my bread on a gas burner and letting it char, as was my heedless fashion in pre-toaster days.
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