mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Today I did three things I didn't want to.

Called cab co. to ask about deliveries. Piece of cake. Sent letter to my accountant for $20 and tip.

Got back into my TFSA, which involved getting a code from the bank via voice mail because I didn't give them my cell number. It's bundled with an online trading account and if I don't log in often enough requires a verification. As a plus, discover that my dead-loss stock has jumped 10 cents a share, to the point where I say 'if it hits this mark I'll sell and swallow the loss.' OTOH it's a gold stock and I keep thinking maybe it will go back to even half of what I bought it for ten years ago.

Pumped my rear tyre which wasn't, in fact, as flat as I thought it was. Of course, Mrs Islamic Studies called over to ask if I was OK, because I have to do deep knee bends while bent over, in order to get the pump handle down. Is why I prefer doing this indoors but I haven't been able to get the bike up my wobbly steps in weeks.

Then biked over to newly opened-for-takeout cafe, and got calorific treats and a latte. Must not, must not, go thete everyday, no matter how much I want to support local businesses.

ETA well, other people may be able to crosspost, but not me. Ctrl-A ctrl-c it is.
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