mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Pity the poor immigrant

Couldn't sleep last night, of course, because I needed to be up at 10 and my elbows were biting me. But it seemed I could hear knockings next door. Burglars? Limped downstairs to look. Lights shining throughout the house. New next doors renovating in the wee hours? But they specifically asked what time I go to bed. Oh well. Took muscle relaxant, stuffed ear plugs in ears, slept.

This evening as I stepped out to check the air (cooler than the weather page says: was freezing in my house), older guy comes out from next door. It's the wallpaper guy, and he works evenings because he can't social distance from the guys who are redoing tne kitchen. 'I'd like to die a natural death.' Kawaisou. So I told him not to worry. I can sleep in the sideroom for a few nights.

*And* he has arthritis too, and had to stop working at 2 a.m. because the house was so cold he couldn't move anymore. Oh so glad I'm not an essential worker, oh so glad I have a money tree.
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