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Things that work

ETA: joyfulness from the wank communities, where someone dismisses a twit thusly: "At this point our man prematurely closes off the discussion threads like a brat and Xerne and I can't get our stab on. Oh well. Nothing would have come of it anyway. Fighting with this guy is like warring with that humongous baby in Spirited Away."

Bifocal silicon lenses. They're thicker than the usual disposibles so I'm not always losing them when I put them in their cases or tearing them when getting them out of my dry eyes. They're wetter so they don't keep trying to crawl off my eyes thus rendering me blind. And they let me read. Finally, a bifocal lens that works. (Which is good, because bifocal glasses don't.) I've been sitting here translating all evening, remembering the old days of eyestrain when I had to use +2.50 reading glasses with my lenses in order to see the Japanese. I can read *manga* without reading glasses. It's a miracle.

Oh, and google. Let me praise google again.

Lord So-and-so lives near the god-spring-garden in Kyoto? Google god-spring-garden and it not only gives you the proper reading, it tells you that the god-spring-garden is built just south of the palace and has a pond so that the dragon energies coming in from the mountains to the north-east have a place to stop and drink and thus don't simply disappear into the 'dragon hole', they get to hang around at the 'dragon water mouth.' "If there are no ponds the dragons run away." So simple. The deity enshrined in the middle of the pond is called the Happy Woman Dragon King, which is cool.
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