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The plum blossoms have all scattered in today's wind, making next door's garage roof white. They had good innings: were fully out more than two weeks ago. Record cold temps will do that. Par contre, a few blossoms begin to drift off the cherry after only, I think, a week and change. But if it were warm, the cherry would go all to leaf, and one wouldn't see the blossoms at all.

Today *is* warm, even if grey and rainy, and tomorrow with sun will be warmer. Allergies consequently manifest in tremendous sneezes and rattly coughs. I went up to Loblaws for my scrips, entering by a side door, escorted by a clerk to the pharmacy and then (much later, because the pharmacist was having trouble with the computer), escorted back out. Open for pickup and pharmacy only, and very stringent about same. But I got both my scrips, including the one I'd asked to have FAXed in only last Wednesday, which was a relief. Just a month's refill on both because that's how we roll in these latter days of uncertain supply chains, but I'll take it.

Then came home to mail, most of it not to the purpose, but including an envelope from Canada Revenue of the kind that used to contain cheques before they went to direct deposit. Which proved to be a statement of 'oh by the way we reviewed your 2018 tax return and have doubled your property tax rebate so here's the extra four hundred and change.' Which was direct deposited into my bank account a month ago and explains the unaccountable robustness of same, which has perplexed me for the last four weeks. So that was cool.

Next doors are, I think, removing wallpaper from the stairs. Heard the scritch scritch scritch last night until past 11. Periodically at night I remember I'm sitting between two empty houses, so it's nice to know that occasionally I'm not.
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