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I bought frozen edamame one or two shops ago, they being one of the few legumes I can eat safely, and today I had some. They were shelled. Had not realized how disappointing it is to eat shelled edamame.

In mad! indulgence, bought chives last Friday and today had chived mashed potatoes. This is comfort food from my youth. Alas, New Next Doors seem to have dug up next door's chive plant, so I will have to go on paying a buck fifty if I want to repeat the experience. Yes I could buy a plant, but they're always weedy spindly things that do not thrive for me.

My other quarantine indulgence is asparagus, which is also a hideous price. But grilled in olive oil and sprinkled with Himalayan salt (there is no end to my extravagence) it fills me up and takes care of at least one veggie serving for the day.

I really can't believe how healthy I eat these days. Fruit, veg, fish...

Was going to roast a chicken but it still hasn't thawed out after 48 hours, so must wait till at least tomorrow. I suppose I could brine it, which would help the process, but really can't be arsed.

Friend from work dropped by today, bringing me, unasked, a dozen miniature Pepsi tins. They didn't have any on Friday when I did my shop, so I was oh so grateful. I did buy a few full-size tins, as well as vanilla ice cream, in order to make pepsi floats, something I used to indulge in regularly in Japan. In Japan I could eat anything and not gain weight. This is no longer true, and indeed stopped being true the minute I got home, so the floats will not be a frequent indulgence,
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