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 Second Etsy mask arrived, as well as half a dozen filters. Home made masks are very stylish but don't fit as well as the paper professional ones, always slide off my ears, and are harder to breathe through. This didn't stop me ordering three more, of course. I used a shoelace to to keep my first mask in place, and it worked well enough until the moment the shoelace simply disintegrated. But I have more laces tucked away, and I believe more sturdy than the others.

No point in doing Reading Wednesday. I continue to read All The Things and seem to get nowhere with them. City of Yes is trying to be semiotic and clever, but because it's Canadian is merely obscurantist and adolescent. *Of course* there's a  pretty young Japanese woman and *of course* the author or protagonist or both sleeps with her, even though she's his student and has a boyfriend, because as any fule kno, what exists in Japan exists for the use of the Gaijin Male,  because why else would it exist? (Also permit me to doubt the  girl's grandmother calling up the hero to say, 'No sex! No sex, Hiroko, NO SEX!')

Meanwhile I wish I had A Defence in paper, because though I can keep the characters straight for once (easier when they're legitimately historical) screen reading continues to tire my eyes, that can manage only about twenty minutes at a time. Which with this work translates to about fifteen pages.

Meanwhile I have recourse to Brother Cadfaels and wish I didn't. In her Wexford mysteries Peters has a fine array of murderers, but either I'm having an unlucky streak here, or her killer is always the charming young man in the case. Being able to spot whodunnit  even before it's dunn rather reduces the pleasure of readinng.
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