mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Loose end Saturday

WTF, DW? Open a new tab and suddenly my half-written entry's gone. Ok, once again

Tomorrow will be warm and the little white points on the cherry tree will burst into bloom. There's a few blossoms now, but mostly it's just dots, something I've never seen before.

Cooked a butternut squash, wihich gave me indigestion and stained the cutting board turmeric yellow. Bleach was applied. I keep hoping the butternut will turn into kabocha, because you can actually do things with kabocha, but of course it never does.

Was chuffed at finding a cough syrup that specifically addresses 'tickly throat coughs' because that's what I get with allergies and it drives me mad. Turns out to be the ingredient that actually reinforces the covid virus. So much for that, then.
Tags: food, rl_20

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