mjj (flemmings) wrote,

My insides,which have been lamblike for over a month in the absence of coffee, work stress, and yes-I-suppose exposure to noroviruses, last night took extreme exception to the cumulative overload of tinned ham on Monday (I love ham salad and tins are the only way to get ground ham, but potted meats hate me), popcorn on Tuesday (am corn intolerant) and black beans last night (part of a 'Japanese mix' frozen veg packet that I then stir-fried for overweight). Normally I can eat black beans in small quantities, but this was evidently too much. Perfectly par for the course IBS, but apparently there's an intestinal version of COVID which knowledge I could have done without. However all is calm now, though today will be a bread and water fast. Or maybe not, since my bread has seeds in it.

On the up side, these bouts lower my weight and occasionally keep it lowered to a new normal, and I have no desire for alcohol at all.
Tags: food, health

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