mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Novembr in April

It's my normal shopping day but the wind was enough for the weather office to issue a warning about downed telephone poles, so I very wisely stayed in. Tomorrow I have to pick up croissants and cookies from the cafe, so might do a shop then- or more likely, take sheets and towels to the laundromat.

I did yield to temptation and order in from my favourite sushi place. The delivery guy came by bicycle (!) but was wearing one of those heavy duty bicyclist masks that protect you from car exhaust, and thick leather gloves as well. So I shall trust Next Gen's sanitation measures. I'd better, because I forgot to wash my hands after taking stuff from the bag. And frankly it wasn't worth it. Take out really only works for certain foods like pizza and Chinese.

Then it snowed a bit on the new forsythia and the magnolia whose blossoms are just at the flamingo's head stage. So I spent the day reading either on the couch or the spare room bed. Diem perdidi, but I have no ambition at all. Was remarking to my sister, who called midday, that the allergies are much milder this year than ever. Usually the scratch and cough have been in full swing for a month by now. Thank you, quarantine, for keeping the pollution down. But today, with the wind, I'm definitely getting reminders of what's coming: in addition to a headache from that "sharp cold front" the weather guys were talking about.

ETA not only does DW not cross post, LJ won't show my icon. Hmph.
Tags: food, rl_20

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