mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I suppose that's a relief

Ahh, those tax forms that got lost in the mail? Never were in the mail. Apparently during that phone call with my investment advisor last whenever (they call me because the gov't says they must, at least once a year; I would never call them), I asked to have my forms sent electronically. And here I thought I was asking for my monthly statements and quarterly portfolio reviews to come electronically, and I so wish they would because it makes for a lot of dead tree pile up. Of course, I never saw the electronic forms either, or don't remember doing so. It's not like me to delete emails from the firm, though I've been known to ignore mail from them (see monthly statements, above) which causes problems when it's a form requiring my signature.

Cafe had a brioche order for me so I got outside today, and saw David the barista after four weeks. Much missed. He says he misses work too.

Ordered more CBD oil, forgot to specify 'send by post', so have left a note on the door for if-and-when Purolater/never to please give me time to get downstairs because I move slow. I move slow because if I sit for more than five minutes my knee seizes up and I must hobble bent over while the bones rub together.

Finished? Idoru. I gather Gibson predicted the net before it was the net but I'm not reading Neuromancer to find out. Was this one predicting virtual reality before it was as well? Come to that, do we have virtual reality and where can I get some?

Reading now? The Graveyard Book, because it came in today and fifty other people are waiting to read it after me.

And next? Back to the door-stopper French Revolution and Gaijin Perils Abroad.
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