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 Woke with protein Cravings, so today is an amnesty day on the healthy eating front. Ordered in a hamburger and a chicken BLT. Binned the wrappings, washed hands, micro'd the food, ate the chicken s'wich and half the hamburger patty. Filled but did not satisfy. Basically I want to eat in, and can't.

To combat the general uselessness, managed to vacuum the study curtains, heavy with the dust of ages, and the upper hall. Vacuuming has always hurt my lower back, which grows no stronger with core strengthening exercises: half of which I can't do because I suspect from the look of things that the umbilical hernia has popped its mesh. My doctor said, months ago, no matter if it did. 'You only had the operation because it was bothering you.' My recollection is that I had the operation because a good five inches of gut was pushing out my abdomen, and I'd rather it didn't do it again. Also of course elbows. But what hurts elbows most is the tablet, and do you see me stopping that? Not a chance.
Tags: food, health

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