mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'And thanked Christ I had no one there waiting for me, To grieve and to mourn

and to get bloody pissed off at my very existence, as observed of various couples and families as I stocked up at Fiesta Farms. There are advantages to living alone.

Health measures now tightened up there: no bringing your own bags inside, checker at door asks if you've been out of country or on a plane (not quite as effective as LDR taking temps every time you approach the door), fewer people allowed in at a time hence no real lineups at the (card only) cash.

Forgot to get onions, forgot to get elderflower syrup with which to make elderflower tonic water, got only the four small bottles of same because crap those things are heavy and I already had too much in my attempt to stock 7-10 days' necessities ie soymilk. But ah, how nice to have an elderflower g&t again. Johnson cocktail cannot compete. And while I think it overkill to leave all my groceries outside for 48 hours and to wash all the plastic, because that's for unwise in season Murcans, fine, I'll swab it all down with hydrogen peroxide just to be safe, even if I won't touch these for another week. Safe than sorry.

OK,OK, DW, I shall post in rich text  since you refuse to put in the html  paragraph breaks.
Tags: rl_20, techy

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