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Ripping yarns

Have unexpectedly fallen into The Moonstone, to the extent that I felt no desire to go outside today at all. Turns out I haven't read it before (though I did read the Classics Comicbook of which I retain only the picture of the Indians torturing some old guy by holding fire to his feet as he cries, 'It burns! It burns!' which is like d'ohh, of course it does.) I was inclined to be impatient with it at the start. 'The Hindoos will stop at nothing to get the jewel back,' says the old India hand. 'Send it to Amsterdam to be cut into smaller diamonds. That way they lose their incentive.' Wouldn't it just be simpler to give it back to them, especially in light of the ambiguous and unsavoury way you got it in the first place? Wouldn't want the nasty thing near me.

Four people called or texted me today, only the first a stranger. (Pharmacist, at 9:45 a.m. as I was doing my exercises, which alerted me to the fact that I'd turned the bedroom phone down so low I can't hear it over the air purifier, is how I missed two calls earlier this week. Which had puzzled me because I was *in* all day, never left the house, hocum...?) Two others were checking that I was still alive and could they bring me anything, which was nice of them; and work's accountant called about some number needed to apply for unemployment benefits, which I'm not going to do because I already have a guaranteed annual income thanks to my age. I suppose if I get serious about sheltering in place I might ask for a few cans of Pepsi, but for the moment I still risk shopping myself, yes with gloves though not a mask yet. Several layers of tea towel isn't supposed to be that effective and if I put vacuum cleaner bag between them, I doubt I could breathe at all. Hoping our roundeye experts are right that masks stop you spreading but don't help much to avoid catching.

There's still a timeless quality about this for me. With nothing I have to do I find much less resistance to doing things I ought to do, like stretching and exercises. A fellow gaijin in Japan once told me, 'If I have to teach for even one hour it ruins my whole day'' and though I deplored the sentiment I had to cop to the same feeling. I like hanging out with the babies, but if I have a shift in the afternoon, I resent doing my exercises in the morning. I do them, but I grudge the time, especially if it delays me getting to my coffee shop and leads to not getting a table there. Well, now there are no daycare shifts and no coffee shops and no reason not to do otherwise tedious things (aside from 'it hurts' which is what limits my housework.) I will note that all four of us Johnsons suffer from the 'you/I can'tmake me' syndrome to a greater or lesser degree, but I have no idea where it comes from since I have no memory of being made to do anything I didn't want to aside from going to school.

ETA Suddenly I have to hand code paragraph breaks into this. What gives, DW?
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