mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Noted about town

Bookstores aren't considered essential services so I went down to Doug Miller before he closes tonight to get what I could get. Would have bought the entire run of Benjamin January, that excellent plague reading, if available but he had none, saying as always that the bike lanes on Bloor had ruined his buying business. Got one Rebus, of which he'd had none last I was in because the bike lanes on Bloor had ruined his buying business. (I'm still ambivalent about the bike lanes, which work maybe OK? most of the time except when the muscle bikers are about, swooping past me without ringing their bells, and when cars stop in the lane so conveniently provided for them to stop in, waving you disdainfully into the rushing traffic on their left. It was much easier when it was all parking eatch side except then, from 4-6 it wasn't, and the cars on Bloor would drive bicycles into the curb.)

Got vols. 1&3 of LotR should I care to reread, since my copies are older than Doug himself and will probably scatter their pages should I try opening them. One or two hopeful mysteries, The Moonstone which I know I have a copy of somewhere who-knows-where, the illustrated Beren and Luthien, stuff. I'm already reading books I've had untouched on the shelves for 30+ years.

The Korean super had social-distanced lineups outside with entry control, and so did Fiesta Farms when I finally got there. Also a cheerfully civil young chap inside the entrance, with squirt bottle, who inquired 'Will you be needing a cart or a basket?' and wiped down the handle of whichever you answered. Lots of toilet paper and limitations on quantity. Very civilized. I am content for the moment.
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