mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Week 2

Spent the day in sleep gear (I don't wear pyjamas as such) which is probably a bad idea, but once in a while won't kill me. Besides it was raining, so no incentive to be dressed.

Kind investment advisors called me to assure me stocks had been covered and I have liquidity at need. I feel cared for.

As an experiment, cut my anti-inflams to one this morning. Knee-wise it really makes no difference since I spend most of these days sitting or lying. Elbows could have been happier, but OTOH see: rain, above.

It's not the handwashing that will do me in but the dish washing. Three meals a day at home makes for a lot of dishes. Again, I note that I'm eating more healthy when I cook for myself. At least one substantial serving of veg at lunch and dinner, and fruit for snack. Well, *and* dark chocolate, but in moderation.

This is all very reminiscent of being housebound with a walking pneumonia back in '85. I'm reading almost as much as I did back then, an ability I thought I'd lost. I remember C S Lewis saying in The Allegory of Love, that Confessio Amantis was the perfect book to read when recovering from a mild illness. Thre's a copy of that around somewhere, but I fancy there are better things to read first.
Tags: health, reading, rl_20

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