mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Waiting for the other shoe to fall

And will still have to wait another 10-14 days at least to see if the infection rate slows. But you can't tell infection rates without testing and the gov't says if you have symptoms don't go to a hospital to be tested. See your doctor first, but don't take transit or cabs to get there. It's news to many people that not everyone drives, and really, if you've got a 40C fever, you *shouldn't* be driving.

Government also wants everyone over 70 in isolation, which is beyond me. I need to see people, however casually, and thus I shop. At least there's social distancing happening in the supermarkets (shopping carts do keep you apart) and the Chinese greengrocers all wear masks. But now I'm all stocked up so will have to limit my interactions to porch conversations with the new next-doors. At least I can still bicycle even if I can't walk, and I really can't these days. No acupuncture or massage leaves me very very stiff.

In the current climate I probably shouldn't be reading Hambly's Fever Season, but Benjamin January is a needed corrective to Tolkien. *Why* was the man so obsessed with the story of Turin when, as Sabina said long ago, Turin is a prat? Why, for that matter, are there so many chapters like 'Of the ruin of Beleriand', 'Of the fall of Gondolin', 'Of the downfall of Numenor', and on and on. Benjamin January at least survives his tragedies.

I know I should be using this time to do something useful: read Hamabe no Kafka, review my kanji ('use it or lose it') and above all do my knee exercises several times a day instead of just once. That last I might do, since pain is such an unignorable impetus, but the others, mmh... Maybe once boredom gets the better of me and don' wanna becomes oh might as well.
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