mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Waiting for the barbarians

Invited bro and s-i-l out to dinner last night since I haven't talked to them for any length of time since they moved out a month ago. My family are all Eeyores but L is not and I do miss her corrective cheerfulness. As soon as the weather gets good they'll be off to the cottage, so not even dinable with for much of the year. But they'll be in and out of my place periodically to dispose of the stuff they left in the basement, so there's at least that.

Right now I feel on hold, waiting to see how the covid peaks or doesn't in the near future, waiting to see if it affects elective surgeries like knee replacement, waiting to see if the knee replacement works on the chronic crippledness. Not to tempt fate, but I'm very good at not getting flu viruses, so I hope my immunity holds there. (Noroviruses are another matter. No idea why I've never developed an immunity to them.) And meanwhile... one washes one's hands religiously, and waits.
Tags: health, rl_20

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