mjj (flemmings) wrote,

In the sun that is young once only

Earliest-spring March sun again, lighting the front hallway. Used to bounce off same blindingly before the trees grew big enough to block it. This time of year feels very '96, returned from Japan and seeing everything as if for the first time, only of course I wasn't returned from Japan then and must surely be remembering 1997. Whatever, this is also Tolkien weather so I'm reading the Silmarillion, now rendered semi-comprehensible by all those webpages. I still have frequent recourse to the indexes because the names dear god the names! Also remembering Susan's comment in Moon of Gomrath about the elves being 'well, the *best* of your people' and Uthecar's snarky response. Not hardly.

New next doors were out front raking and bagging last year's leaves. They're very very nice and I do wish they were movinv in, but no. First come kitchen and bathroom renovations (which they civilly hope won't disturb me too much) and then renters. They often come by in the evening and I hear bumping and banging, not sure why. If they seem louder than the bro-tachi ever did, I must remember that there's no furniture to deaden the sound anymore.
Tags: rl_20

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