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I wish I knew what was up with my leg. I can see that my knee is stronger, I can feel that it's more flexible than last year, but it's harder to walk on than ever. It doesn't hurt as much but I don't feel steady on it and I certainly can't walk as fast as I did before, when my knee would actually pang me. Maybe it's a function of that bone on bone click clack that's somehow weakening things? It also makes bicycling harder, which is depressing, though part of it may be the heaviness of my bicycle itself. What it's most reminiscent of is the aftereffects of the Baker's cyst I had five years ago, that weakened my whole leg, but even then it wasn't this weak.

Because it's sunny March I had to vacuum and wash the downstairs for the first time in mumble mumble. Went to wet swifter the kitchen and found the bottle empty. Hardware store had a new uhh flavour of wetting solution, made for wooden floors, that smells neither of Dawn nor Febreze, those ultimate stinkers. Alas, the composition doesn't work well on linoleum, so I had to rewash with a cloth and squeegee mop. But still, kitchen floor is at least partly clean.

When I bought my boat shoes however many years ago it was (New Balance) I bought a second pair on sale. Tried them on today. Don't ask me why, but somehow they're half a size smaller than the others. Maybe if I wear thinner socks...
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