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It was snowing last week and my recycle bin was only half full, so I didn't put it out then, and two weeks ago my garbage bag was only half full, so I didn't put that out either. But now it's garbage-garbage night again and my bag is full and my nama gomi bag is full and I put them out and my bro and s-i-l weren't putting their garbage out and I'm desolate all over again. New next door has their lights on and did put their bin out, but no one answered when I rang the doorbell and when I called Howard to advise him that they don't have a green bin because the garbage men stole it, but they're quite welcome to use mine until the city gives them a replacement.

Dropped by bike store to buy a rear light that will stay on and ask about devices to pump tires that don't require upper body strength; was told that the latter existed but would cost me the price of several bikes and they'd be happy to pump them for me, then said they didn't need pumping. I know the rear one does because it has to be kept at 60 lbs per or else I can't heave the bike up the stairs, but I didn't insist. (There are lighter bikes around, I know, but the only kind that fit me are the Slovak behemoths that made even the prof of Islamic studies grown when he was hoisting it for me one day.) Tried several bike lights, none of which would fit on my carrier so I got one that wraps around the stem and that came in at $60 with the tax. I should have demurred but didn't. It's rechargeable, is why the price.

Since even in this laid-back town hand sanitizer is nowhere to be found, I bought the ingredients to make my own and shall do so once my elbows let me lift things again. My elbows don't like me typing this even, so it may take a while.

Came home to a letter from my investment advisor going 'there there' about panicked sell-offs. Can't think why he bothered, since I never sell off anything, but it was a nice thought.

Ian Rankin, The Falls
-- Rankin is will-less reading- start and you can't stop- but this one was notable for the absence of the yakuza err McCafferty the Mobber, Rebus' nemesis, and much the better for it.

Reading Now?
Aaronovitch, False Value
-- shout outs are one thing, but I feel I'm missing half the story through ignorance of Douglas Adams and the other half through ignorance of computers. Still, Peter is Peter is nice to spend time with.

Shaw, Vivian, Grave Importance
-- third in the Greta Helsing series, pleasant and immersive enough

'I have no desires, none' as Stoppard's Guildenstern said.
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