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Exploring the other side of my culinary ancestry, tonight I made bubble and squeak onaccounta having made colcannon last night (which is not in my gene pool *at all* but is an easy way to get my cooked greens surrounded by starch to cushion them) as well as buying roasted broccoli and fried mushrooms for lunch yesterday. Fried all the leftovers together into beautiful filling stodge, washed down with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

I contribute to Melissa Scott's patreon and in return get a little snippet of Points life every month. I find this cheering and happy-making out of all proportion.

Also found myself nearly two pounds lighter yesterday morning after plateauing forever. I keep expecting those daily g&ts to register some day, but maybe they're substituting for the lattes and baked goods at the cafe that snow has kept me from, and being bolstered by veggie dinners and increased water intake. I would dearly love to take off the eight pounds I put on a year ago since my knees are definitely stiffer and owier since the fall, to the point that I seriously begin to doubt whether I can keep on working.
Tags: food, health, points

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