mjj (flemmings) wrote,

She said, I'm tired of the war

I want the world I had before...

Seems that when you sign up for the Bell package you get voicemail with your landline, whether you want it or not, whether you know about it or not, so that when people call they're told you haven't set up a voice mail account good-bye. Now voice mail cuts in after five rings. I can change that to two rings so the answering machine will cut in first, but somehow the answering machine no longer has a message recorded, and the manual has vanished so I don't know how to record a new message. So call bell and wait for someone to answer. Then be told that cancelling voice mail won't result in a lessening of service charge. Then follow instructions to set up voice mail greetings. Then follow instructions to add name to message. Then be told that it doesn't work, sorry you're having trouble, good-bye.

Rinse lather repeat. Message is in place at least. Hope password is too.

"I am a product of my time, and my time has passed." as my father used to say.
Tags: techy

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