mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Coworker said the women at her gym swear by THC balm from some west coast firm, so I ordered a jar, which arrived today as I was limping upstairs with my breakfast toast and soy. So I could sign for it right away and not have to trot out to a postal outlet to do so. Opened it up- serious overpackaging, including wrapping paper and ribbon- and slathered it on twingy knees. And then slathered methyl and camphor heating cream because dear god it pongs. A vaguely marijuana smell, but the worst skunky notes of marijuana. And of course hard to say if it works or not: certainly no miraculous cessation of pain. But put more on tonight because elbows had a major tendinitis flare up this aftrrnoon that had me crying and swearing as I unlocked my bike and rode it home, and it does seem to have eased the lock-and-stab somewhat. A tentative win.

Also delivered today was the latest Aaronovitch from Waterstones, which doesn't require a signature even though they said they did. So that awaits me when I finish the current Rebus. I'd been very careful to note names and try to remember who was who, but once again we're reaching the denouement with a character I have no memory of at all.
Tags: health, reading_20, rivers, rl_20

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