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Googling 'beeping sound in basement' I find someone with exactly my problem: a beep coming from the ducts:

We just moved in last week. This morning we started hearing a sound from the basement. It's a single beep, every 15 seconds. I can't pinpoint the spot, but I'm sure it's up in the ceiling somewhere. It's a 3 year old house, so everything is relatively new. Any ideas what it could be?

And after much advice, the conclusion:

Found the beep. As stupid as this sounds......it was a carbon monoxide detector from our previous house that was still packed away. The box it was in was directly under the spot where I was looking in the ceiling. Funny thing is, last night my Dad and brother were trying to figure it out. All of us swore it was up in the vents as well. Feel stupid and relieved at the same time.

I think s-i-l went through all the stuff on the shelf, but evidently I should do it again. Meanwhile, have bought earplugs.

(Though in Weird Occurrence flow, yesterday my tablet changed the date, and also decided that I live in some small town in Quebec. Took awhile to convince Google otherwise, esp as I couldn't find the locator in google apps.)

ETA: exactly the same. CO detector in a box a metre under the ceiling.
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