mjj (flemmings) wrote,

It came fifteen years ago; to this day/ it has shown no intention of going away

Came home expecting darkness and silence next door, and found instead lights on and door open, for the last time snerf. No Johnson cocktail this time, just freebies (metal garbage can, laundry bag, tea towels) as the cleanout goes down to the wire before closing tomorrow. But bro came to inspect my basement because-

-I woke this morning to an intermittent beep as of a fire alarm whose battery is dying. But none of my alarms were beeping. Sound was in the basement where next door has erected shelves and loaded them up. Assumed it was their fire alarm beeping, but couldn't find anything in the boxes, nor could s-i-l when she came to look. The sound seems to move around and seems to come from *between* the floors. Bro suggests options, either that Bell put something in last Saturday when they installed my broadband or that the electric fire alarm, silent these last 32 years, has shorted. Recourse I suppose is first to get an electrician in to give an opinion and hopefully to find a solution; or else to ignore it and hope, if it's a battery, that it will fall silent eventually.
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