mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Last of the sunny days

Was looking through my journal entries from a year ago and surprised to see frequent mentions of walking here and there in that bitter and icy winter. I certainly can't do that now, after a year of strengthening exercises. So to test the state of the me I took my rollator for what currently counts as a long walk- over to the coffee shop, back and down to the greengrocer's, and then home. Conclusion is that walking stops the hip pain/ muscle tension but exacerbates the knee. That chronic click-click and stiffness is what's new this year. Not helped by cold weather, because I know I could walk less painfully in the fall, at least on occasion. Difficult to know when I actually *couldn't* walk and not lazybones didn't want to walk. But for now: yeah, knee is stiff and needs support.

Tried to order THC cream from a recommended webpage, ran into the usual 'verify your age by sending us a photo' thing. Evidently the assumption is that everyone these days has a cell phone or tablet, and if you don't, tough luck. (CBD demonstrably doesn't work for me. This is my last best hope.) But on the plus paw, FB informs me that Waterstone will ship to Canada, so I've ordered the next Peter Grant with, I believe and hope, the extra story. Something to look forward to, at any rate.
Tags: health, rivers

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