mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wyrd biþ ful araed

Phone crashed this afternoon. Figured this was it, wondered if I could get data off it even in crashed mode. Win XP was quite happy to transfer data if I'd insert a blank CD into the drive, which of course I don't have. I belong to the era of floppies. Windows 10 just looked at me blankly, not registering that something had been plugged into it. Thus I spent two hours looking for my acupuncturist's card so I could tell her if I could take the Saturday spot she offered me. (I can't, because her landlord refuses to install a doorbell to the over a store apartment building so you have to call when you arrive to get the front door unlatched.) Couldn't find card, couldn't locate a phone number online, if your phone is gone apparently you're up shit creek.

Then once again phone rose from the dead and rebooted itself. Battery, maybe? Do people replace phone batteries? Must google, with fingers firmly crossed.
Tags: techy

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