mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Accomplished various mendokusai things I'd been putting off forever, or would put off if I wasn't forcing myself to act: cancelled the furnace inspection program for next winter because I don't feel like paying the $150 fee in March when both gas and hydro bills will still be heavy*; pumped bike tyres- I have to use my abdomen for this, like a weightlifter, because my elbows won't; went by laundromat to see if that's where I dropped my keys last week (it wasn't); got new keys made at Weiner's, and a new back light. And then, because being proactive puts me in a snit, screamed at a featherhead who'd parked her BMW in the bicycle lane on Bloor until she finally moved, averring that I was insane. At that moment I probably was, and a good thing hand guns are not easily purchased in this country. I mean, I'd only have shot out her tyres, but that would have clogged up the bike lane even more. I begin to think the city has the right idea, raising the lanes to be flush with the sidewalk on the south side. Do it on both sides, and stop the entitled air polluters from being entitled.

* and went through three separate levels of personnel, all of whom asked me the exact same questions. Verify me once, fine, but verify me three times? Why?
Tags: place, rl_20

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