mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The house giveth and the house taketh away

Found both attachments for the vacuum, one fallen under the study table, the other hiding in plain sight on the living room coffee table. In response, my keys have vanished. They're always either in my coat pocket or on the kitchen table but today they- aren't. Of course I have my spares, but now I must get a spare spare copy. (I always carry them with me, even if I habitually leave my door on the latch, but the last time I actually used them was, I think, Wednesday, which was the last time I biked.)

Today I took the rollator for a walk, up to Loblaws and over to my local cafe. This was an unthinking daily normal a few years back but it's the farthest I've gone in months. The rollator is hell on the elbows but kinder to the lower back, or at least today it is, which is how I managed the distance. By contrast, walking the one and a half blocks back from the super with my staff on Friday, I had a guy in pickup truck stop and offer me a lift. I now understand why so many old people walk bent over: it's easier on both knees and hips to shift the centre of balance forward. In fact it's the only way I *can* walk in the mornings before my knee starts crick-cracking as a sign it's loosening up. So anyway, now I'm officially Old with the visible symbols thereof, I take my perks as they come, like people holding doors for my rollator or carrying it up steps for me. (I thanked the pick-up guy but declined, because getting into and out of a vehicle would be more painful than walking two half blocks.)
Tags: health, rl_20

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