mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The weather of the world is against me

I'm turning into one of those 'doesn't want to get in/ doesn't want to get out' people, both bed and shower-wise. Have taken to playing pyramid solitaire into the wee hours to postpone bedtime, which is the nadir of donwanna-ness, as well as being bad for tendinitis. (Though the one I play gives you three turns which at least allows one to win occasionally. Otherwise pyramid solitaire is unwinnable by definition.) As for getting into the shower as well as out, it's winter and cold and I drag my feet at being wet when there are drafts. And no one wants to get up in the winter though in my case it's compounded by having amusing dreams every time I slip off to sleep again. Can never remember them after, but they're preferable to the cold blankness of the waking world.

Otherwise I do double crostics but without pleasure. My collections of choice have a bad habit of using short poems I know, which is vexing. But the longer ones again make my tendinitis scream.
Tags: health, rl_20

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