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Bro and s-i-l have found an apartment at last, by dint of being bloody-minded at the rental agency. It's small, a pied-a-terre way down at King and Bathurst (2 or 3 miles south from here as the crow flies, which isn't bad, but not the Annex or even the west Annex.) But it has amenities their location of choice didn't, like a swimming pool and sauna and an excellent view, and is $600 a month cheaper. Parking, storage locker, en suite washing machine and dryer, and a little park beside it. Of course, so did the location of choice have a park, or two, but condos downtown can't be guaranteed a green space. Or even decent shopping, which I doubt this has either. But the vehicled can always come back here for their groceries, so I gather they are content.
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