mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Briefly returned

Bro and wife have been moving boxes from their cellar to mine. Came down to get laundry and found my round coffee table's respective pieces assembled in the mddle of the room with three wooden kitchen chairs arranged around it. Maybe they're planning a tea paty?

They've been looking at apartments and condos gor rent, but thd agencies won't rent to them because they don't have pay stubs. Professionals don't, as a rule. They have tax returns and a quarter million cash on hand from the buyer's deposit, but the jobsworths want paystubs. This would seem to put a crimp in any retired person ever renting, to say nothing of students or immigrants.

Tendinitis has gone berserk in right arm and writing with left is beyond me. Hope tomorrow's acupuncture helps.
Tags: health, place, rl_20

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