mjj (flemmings) wrote,

At least the rain stopped

What's with these dreams of writing fanfic for ancient fandoms? Last night it was a long four part story about the Saiyuuki characters, and probably yaoi. All I remember is thinking I should either rewrite the Hakkai portion orcut it entirely.

A knock at the door this evening turned out to be my new southern neighbour come to introduce herself and apologize for the disruption of the ongoing renovations with a card and a bottle of Burgundy(!). Friendly and conversible and such a relief to be getting a nice neighbour. May the northern ones prove equally as thoughtful.

Because next door sold within a day and the closing is in February. I'm trying to treat this as an adventure but boy would it be easier if I was still able-bodied.
Tags: dreams, rl_20, saiyuki

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