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Cripdom is back with a vengeance, alas. I can't even complain of the bone rub: it's when the bones don't rub together click-clack that my knees yell at me. We won't even talk about hip flexors and such.

Reading Wednesday? Why not?

Last finished?

Nancy Mitford, The Pursuit of Love
-- the trouble with reading Nancy is that one has read Jessica, so one knows that all these mad! happenings are just anecdotes from the Mitford family history. Plus a little schadenfreude re: Diana, I'm assuming. The takeaway is that Lord Redesdale ought to have been shot, but whether before or after breeding I couldn't say.

Also for crap's sake, U and non-U Nancy, in what kind of society does it matter if people say 'notepaper' and 'mirror' and 'mantlepiece' instead of writing paper, looking glass, and chimney piece respectively? This isn't the 19th century, and wasn't even when you were writing 90 some years ago.

Reading now?

Akwaeke Emezi, Freshwater
-- bad enough to be born in the bush of ghoxts, much worse to have the ghosts inside you. Or whatever they are. I wait to find out, not certain that I will. Wakaru hito wa wakaru, I think.

Pamela Dean, Tam Lin
-- the classic, now available as an ebook from the library. Feel obligated to read this fast, since a million other people are queued up behind me, which of course makes me stubbornly not want to read what I'm told everywhere is a classic. Tam Lin has never been a favourite archetypal story of mine, not since Diana Wynne Jones' head-hurty take, but maybe this will be more accessible.

Next up?
-- there's a Hilary McKay on its way from the library which should settle my stomach
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