mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Loose ends

Sorted through my box of Stratford programs and discover that I have indeed seen King John, Winter's Tale and even Titus Andronicus. That I don't recall even the latter must be due to the fact that it was the late 70s, which I've blotted from memory. But even the earlier programs from the late 60s give me the fantods, so unlike the happy-making ballet R&J ones. Yappari, after 16 it was all downhill, and my 20s were no better. Perhaps I should throw the lot in the recycling.

Ordered clothes online which arrived very promptly. I can't tell you *when* they arrived because like everyone else my time sense has been screwed by two weekends in the middle of the week, and no work on eithr side of them. But I note sadly how thinthe material is nowadays. I bought a top from Old Navy in 2007 that's still robust. These Old Navy tops are half the thickness. As for tanktops... I still have one from 2006 that I've worn and washed every week or two. I've had to embroider over bleach stains, and the area around the embroidery has grown thin, but the rest is old boots tough. Tops that wear out in a year or two are a problem, no two ways. There's a limit to the number of dusters one needs, after all, and what else can ond do with them?

It snows. I hope that this three day marathon of acupuncture and massage will have loosened up the hip flexors etc so I can walk in it, because I couldn't in the snow before Christmas. I walked a little, gingerly, once or twice this last week, and my legs were not happy about it at all.
Tags: health, rl_20, shakespeare

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