mjj (flemmings) wrote,

No kids are at play, It's now new year's day

Somewhere on the FFL someone- sartorias, I think- was saying 'Arthritis hurts. All. The. Time.' It may sound stupid but that made me blink. Not exactly 'It does?' because yes of course it does, but more 'it hurts everyone else all the time too?' So fine. Arthritis hurts all the time. So I can't wait until it stops hurting to do things because it isn't going to stop. OK.

Thus I spent the first day of the new year being domestic. The never-ending laundry (+one load of sheets next door, which makes me think laundromats are marginally easier because one doesn't have to barge into someone else's house three times to do it); the never-ending dishes (what comes of eating meals at home. I was surprised back when a friend triumphantly got herself a countertop dishwasher rather than a clothes washer and dryer. I'd still go for laundry but I'm beginning to see the benefits of the other); cooking for the next few days, thereby adding greasy cutlery and pans to the previous; dumping of recyclables and ancient freezer food against Friday's pivk up; and some lick and promise vacuuming of front hall.

In between times I read Imprudence on the tablet to have done with it. I still think nothing is quite as good as the Parasol Protectorate series but I'm feeling completist. And did my exercises all through the day, in the vague hope that strengthening and stretching might make my arthritis at least hurt less.
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