mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Penny, brown penny, brown penny...

...one cannot begin too soon, to hire people to remove the junk of ages from your house. All the unassorted stuff that the garbage won't take and/ or I'm too weak to move myself. The basement fridge is gone! After a mere thirty years! And the 12x7' carpet my tenants left, that nobody wanted and that I couldn't throw out because carpets must be sliced up into units 2.5 feet wide or smaller. And about three boxes of VCR tapes that I shall never look at again, and ancient bike locks, and bits of unidentified metal whazis, and and and.

So now there's space in the bunker and space in the basement, which latter may be occupied by next door's stuff, depending on how seriously they downsize. I'm still half-hopeful they'll change their minds.

(Still not cross-posting. Owner must post manually.)
Tags: rl_19

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