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Planchette Stephen Hawking about this black hole

since one can no longer email him. So the other night I was coughing in bed, as one does, and my night guard came out, as it does, and in my half-waking state I put it on the side table. Only last night it wasn't there, and it wasn't on the floor by the bed, and it hadn't dropped down between mattress and headboard and it wasn't under the pillows or the covers or anything. Doubtless it's an art to be able to lose things in a double bed, but it's a mighty useless one. This morning I pushed the covers off me, put my hands down to lever me upright, and touched my invisible night guard. Doubtless it's an art to be able to sleep on anything in a double bed, but it's also a mighty useless one.

Today was friends' regular Christmas do/ fundraiser. Between TTC subway closures and an accident in the intersection of two major streets, I spent $75 just getting there and back. Should have believed the local blogger who said the TTC knows how to run shuttle buses on Yonge, because trust me, they don't know how to run them on Bloor. But I watched at least six semi-empty ones go by over on Yonge as I waited for my return cab to arrive. In spite of me saying I was on Bowman, off Yonge and north of Lawrence, the cab went to Bellwoods north of Queen (five miles and change to the south of me) whence the driver called me in heavily accented annoyance to ask where I was. Is why I hate cell phones.

However I did meet a former partner (professional) of the host's, who was in my class at Japanese language school inTokyo some 28 years ago. He didn't remember me at all, or indeed that he'd ever been at Nichibei Kaiwa: but that, I fancy, was because he and his wife had a two month old at the time. Sleep deprivation will fo it to you.
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