mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Really, I'm getting tired of this

'This' being not able to even stand up in the morning after I've stiffened up overnight. Used to be a few minutes of stretching would at least suffice to get me up and moving. Now it doesn't, and suddenly my bladder *needs* to be emptied when I wake up OR ELSE. Not at any other time of the day, you understand; just when I'm least capable of moving. I may start wearing diapers. The alternative is to bend double and cling to walls as I inch down the hallway, and that fails as often as not.

Granted it's a particularly winter thing, since I was much more limber pre-snow and pre-boots. Still.

And I'm also tired of these detailed but unresonant dreams I get from the current meds. Last night's both happened in a Japan that was much more realistic than any of my previous 'Japan' dreams. One even comprised a period-correct chanbara plot. But though everything looked right, nothing had the right feel. It was a two dimensional mockup of the place. And though it was all as mundane as can be, it's left me with a bad taste in my mental mouth, just because there was no there there.
Tags: dreams, health

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